Meet Amanda Knoll, MA, LPC, Level II Autplay® provider

amanda-knoll-256x300Amanda found her life’s calling early, somewhat by accident (or one might say, serendipity).  At 14, she volunteered at the Easter Seals camp because it was something to do and a chance to spend time in the mountains. She enjoyed it, and that experience led to another opportunity.  

“Two summers later, my mom said I needed a job.  She knew Maren [Schreiber, special populations coordinator at Evergreen Parks and Rec] from exercise class,” Amanda recalls.  “My mother mentioned my earlier experience working with kids with disabilities and asked if there was something I could do at the Rec Center.”  Maren hired her and they not only worked together, they became close friends.  Amanda enjoyed the work so much, in her 20s she went to work at a residential camp in Iowa.

“Those early experiences made me passionate about working closely with people, and getting to know individuals — and their families — in meaningful ways, beyond their disabilities or how they immediately present in the world,” Amanda says.   She went on to receive her Masters degree in transpersonal counseling psychology from Naropa University. She chose this program because of its emphasis on mindfulness and a holistic approach to counseling.  “Considering the whole person, which includes a broad range of factors such as spirituality, culture, trauma, etc., helps determine how someone heals,” Amanda explains.  

After graduating she worked in community mental health, serving children of all ages and their families. She was trained in play therapy and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and got broad experience working with many clients facing diverse challenges. She is delighted to bring that experience to private practice, where she continues to work with children and teens, as well as adults.

Amanda uses play therapy to help kids process trauma, depression and difficult life transitions.  “In this kind of therapy, the child is in charge and controls the session,” says Amanda.  “They bring me into their world.  During the game, they will bring up the issue themselves.”  From there, she helps them come through it and get back to where they were before the trauma.

Amanda is also excited to return to her roots, working with children with developmental disabilities through another type of play therapy called AutPlay®. AutPlay® can be used for children with any neurological or developmental disability, such as autism, Down syndrome or ADHD.  AutPlay® is directed by the therapist and each session is carefully planned to work on a specific skill or need.  Parents are also taught skills to help them work with their child and receive help with parenting or school issues.

[Read more on AutPlay® here.]

About Mariea Monday-Richardson, LMFT, CP, CCTP

Choose to have an amazing life! Life has a way of sneaking up on us. We get busy. We get in a routine. We function on autopilot much of the time. Fear and anxiety, trauma, transition, loss and addiction can put us on a path that takes us further and further away from our true selves. Until one day, we wake up and realize we are not where we wanted to be. Are you ready to take the path back to YOU? If so, I am ready to guide you. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), I work with couples, families, individuals, and children of all ages to tackle a variety of problems. My services cover a wide range of individual psychological issues such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse; relational issues including marriage, child-parent relationships, and family issues; child neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and attachment disorders; and recovery from trauma, including childhood trauma, physical and emotional abuse, and grief. I am pleased to offer Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT)*, a breakthrough treatment developed by Dr. Jon Connelly for overcoming trauma. RRT offers fast, long-lasting results. Unlike some traditional therapies, RRT does not require the client to re-experience the traumatic events, yet it allows him or her to resolve the pain of the trauma quickly and completely, often in just one session. RRT is used successfully to treat PTSD, sexual trauma, childhood abuse, anxiety, lack of sexual desire, sexual addiction, anger, fears and phobias, and nightmares and insomnia. I am a Certified Practitioner (CP) of Rapid Resolution Therapy and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). Change is rarely easy and often scary, but it is possible! You don't have to stay stuck or settle for an unworkable life. If you are ready to take-on the effort of growth and healing, let's move forward together. *Rapid Resolution Therapy® and Rapid Trauma Resolution® were founded and developed by, and are both trademarks of, Dr. Jon Connelly and are used under license. For more information, visit
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